Moringa can change your life

Moringa is said to have almost countless properties for human health. A tropical plant with high nutritional and nutritive value.

The tree, known as horseradish tree or drumstick tree is native to Asia, where its leaves have been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. It’s mainly used for malnutrition and other conditions.

As stated by FAO, Moringa helps successfully in 300 different conditions. Usually, they are associated with:

  • Metabolic Diseases
  • The oxidative stress
  • Inflammation, wounds, infections or pain.

It was not until 2001 that the research community took a closer look at this medical herb. Ever since Moringa found its place among the superfoods and it is now used as tea, powder or as capsules available for the human consumption.

Moringa and diabetes

Moringa attracted quite some attention in its complementary treatment of diabetes, due to the many vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which were found in the leaf.

Besides that, Moringa contains nutrients, which are relevant to the metabolic system.

However, it is mainly a substance called Quercetin which makes all the difference to people with diabetes. It is the substance which protects the pancreas cells, the eye lenses and reduces the oxidative stress.

The other substance contained in Moringa is Chlorogenic Acid. This substance increases the insulin secretion, as well as the sensitivity to insulin. The latter is important for the sugar absorption from the blood. The way Moringa works in the body is by reducing the sugar intake in the intestine, which leads to a drop of blood sugar.

Even though Moringa is categorized as a food supplement and available over the counter, it is advised to read the leaflet which comes with the package. DO NOT stop your regular diabetes treatment, before consulting with your doctor.

Another group of people who highly benefit from the Moringa are athletes.

Moringa is one of the richest iron richest plants in the world and is a cornucopia of minerals and vitamins.

Moringa contains all the substances which a body under stress and for high-performance needs. First and foremost, Moringa delivers all the essential amino acids in a favourable ratio for the formation of new muscles. This makes Moringa to the number one plant for the intake of high-quality amino acids.

In addition, Moringa is a major source of Vitamin B, which is responsible for the optimal energy metabolism and the burning of carbohydrates and fats.

Vitamin C is another vitamin which is highly important for athletes because it helps the muscle to burn fat to convert it into energy. Scientists found, that no other plant contains nearly as much Vitamin C than Moringa.

Minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium, building blocks for athletes, can be derived from Moringa, which together with the coenzyme Q10 improves the energy supply in the muscles.

In this article, we have only focused on healing properties of Moringa for Diabetes and as a supplement for high-performance athletes. 

We love Moringa, and we grow it with passion. 



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