Our Story

CANE Bev USA LLC, is a U.S based company. As a company, we dedicate our efforts to bring wellness to our customers through the products we manufacture.

The OKU Project was born in 2009, when we purchased a piece of land located in a dry tropical forest in Colombia.  It is a hostile climate region, where not many agricultural projects were successful.

After testing and trying different species of Amazonian and Asian healing plants, we discovered MORINGA, in 2011.

Ever since, it has been an enriching and roller coaster trip; we have learned to produce, collect, and transform the MORINGA in accordance with preservation techniques that guarantee the sustenability of our Project.

As a family owned business, we care deeply about all processes that take place in the day-to-day operations. Above all things, we value the people that are behind the activities that make possible our mission and purpose of delivering wellnes to the humanity.