"Nature has been teaching us how to take care and to operate the Moringa farm"

Our plantation is located in the Cauca river canyon. It is a dry tropical forest, with a very rare microclimate. Temperature is very high during the day, and it goes down at night, allowing brix to be fixed in the leaves of the moringa, and also concentrating micro and Phytonutrients, which are the most valuable of all — vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, chlorophyll and flavonoids.

Nature has been teaching us how to take care and to operate the moringa plantation.

All of our moringa is hand harvested, by farmers that love to watch and learn what nature has to teach. They have the autonomy to decide which leaves are ready to be collected, they check the maturity of every single row, and if the plant points to be ready to be harvested, they proceed to softly hand-harvest the leaves.

After that, the leaves, are, once again, selected and separated from any remaining stem, (we only deliver leaves, for our moringa powder production) and then pass through a gently drying process trough warm air, where temperature and air flow are controlled, in order to retain all the phytonutrients, present in the leaves. Once the leaves are dried, they are turned into powder, and packed in high barrier plastic bags, to be sent to the USA.

All of our final product is packed within the moringa farm, and dispatched from our facilities straight to North America. When the moringa is harvested, it is carefully dried and quickly packaged. As a vertically integrated company, we dedicate our efforts to continuously improve all of our processes.

"In the day to day operations our main goal is to adjust processes in the search of better quality"

Being in control of the operation means, that we are sure that the products used in the plantation a are in accordance with the organic production, that the selection of the leaves is strictly performed by all of the operators, that use high precision agriculture equipment to measure the moringa plants prior to the harvest, that the post-harvest handling is done according to the protocols established, and that the machinery used in the processes is the most innocuous for the moringa leaves.