Moringa Leaf - Oku Nutrition

Meet Luis

Luis is a young boy, who recently served in the Colombian army, where he learned discipline and teamwork. It is obvious that he enjoys working in the fields, where he was born and raised, in his native town: Monteria, Colombia. He dreams of graduating in an agriculture career, to give that great satisfaction to his mother, and thus continue the search for his dream, which is to make a living among nature.

Meet Ferney

Ferney is a very young guy who spent most of his childhood close to his parents at a parcel in Tierralta, the north region of Colombia. He grew up among corn and cotton plantations his father owned as a way to provide for his family. Ferney has a free spirited soul; he comes and goes as he pleases, but he always finds his way back in order to be part of the ÖKU Project.

Meet Janer

Janer is a shy guy: he speaks only when necessary, but when it comes to his daily responsibilities he’s all about performing. He is capable of handling all types of tasks at the farm: from harvesting, to quality control supervision, to managing the dehydration process, and many other types of tasks. When he is not at the Moringa farm, he likes to visit his mother in Tierralta, Colombia, a cattlemen’s town.

Meet Gildardo

He comes from a big family; he has three brothers and one sister. He was born and raised in the northern region of colombia, in a small town called Capaca.
Gildardo is passionate about animals and nature; he loves living in the countryside, and appreciates to work among plants; he says that he feels like he could speak to them.

Meet Javier

He comes from a big family of 11 siblings. Born and raised in Monteria, Colombia, cattle capital of the country; this all means he grew up among cows, and loves cattle activities.
As a very proactive man. Javier has learned to “read” the plants, and has fallen in love with the Moringa plantation; he is very often charged with the task of selecting the lots to be harvested in the ÖKU Moringa farm.

Meet Apolinar

Apolinar born and raised in Tierralta, Colombia. Father of two, Jonathan and Nicolas, and with his wife Alba, they have been part of the ÖKU Project since say one.
He is passionate about is beliefs and opinions. He loves soccer above all sport, altought his real passion clearly has to do with two boys. One more ting: he has a super mom that loves to come visit him at the Moringa Farm.