Our Process

All of our moringa is hand harvested, by farmers that love to watch and learn what nature has to teach. They have the autonomy to decide which leaves are ready to be collected, they check the maturity of every single row, and if the plant points to be ready to be harvested, they proceed to softly hand-harvest the leaves.

After that, the leaves, are, once again, selected and separated from any reamining stem, (we only deliver leaves, for our moringa powder production) and then pass through a gently drying process trough warm air, where temperature and air flow are controlled, in order to retain all the phytonutrients present in the leaves. Once the leaves are dried, they are turned into powder, and packed in high barrier plastic bags, to be sent to the USA.

All of our final product are packed within the moringa farm, and dispatched from our facilities straight to North America.